Right time to dissolve Dravidian Parties:
It is the right time now to dissolve language based Dravidian Parties in Tamil Nadu. In general, Dravidian Parties have done nothing for the well-being of Tamil people, but at the same time they have done enough damages. Tamil people can do much better if they join and work together with any of the national parties and stay away from the regional dirty politics. The situation is very vulnerable in the state at present. After Jayalalitha’s unexpected demise, lack of good leadership is already seen in the state; and it is a matter of time that we will see the ruling party itself is dissolving to zero. Further, situation will be much worsened once Karunanidhi is gone!!

Therefore, with all respect to Mr. Karunanidhi, while he is still around, I wish he initiates the move to dissolve the Dravidian party in his control and join one of the national parties; that would be ideal and best thing in his life, for the sake of well-being of the state.
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