A transaction is named ‘benami’ if property is held by one person, but has been provided or paid for by another person. Benami properties are liable for confiscation by the government.

People with surplus black money had been keeping it safely hidden from the government by buying property in fictitious names, thus on paper they were not the owners but enjoyed all the benefits. It is assumed some corrupt political leaders, government officials and developers are the ones indulging most in benami transactions.

In order to help curb corruption, we believe, it is your duty to disclose the details of benami properties if you have true knowledge about such properties. By hoping the legal authorities will take note of your disclosure and also take necessary action, you are requested to fill in the details by clicking the box ADD BENAMI INFORMATION if you identify a property that has been registered in a benami name.


Actual Owner Benami Name State Action
Mr. XYZ (example)
Ex Chairman, Cash-Corporation of Kerala, Palakkad District.
Mr. ABC (example) Kerala