Our Aim
Over the course of time, we have seen a steep increase in the number of cases of fraudulent practices, deceit, intolerances, hate, political and social immoralities, double standards, vote-bank politics, vocal gimmicks and several other malpractices in our society. People who have been affected and despaired by these unhealthy practices can openly voice their thoughts and opinions here.
Majority of the victims are either being ignored, goes unnoticed by legal authorities, or don’t have enough opportunities to express their grievances or bad experiences. It is shameful that in our modern, technologically advanced world such stories don’t get the attention it deserves.
The aim of this website is to develop a platform where anyone can express their opinions about the way things are run in our state, or report unlawful practices that they have witnessed or experiences that they have had from any official or political authorities. This platform can also be utilized to express suggestions, opinions or debate on important political or social issues that our state or country faces day-to-day. We hope people take advantage of this platform to share and express ideas, secure support of large numbers of people, and fight for the cause of these issues.
If these posts gain the attention of those responsible, and leads to some positive result, then the purpose of the site would be fulfilled.